Walkatjurra Junior Rangers help CCWA

Walkatjurra Junior Rangers capped off a big year for the Walkatjurra rangers with a field trip helping Dr Nic Dunlop of Conservation Council of WA and the Citizen Science initiative undertake a study at Mt Forrest Nature reserve.


The junior rangers worked alongside Dr Dunlop to run a ghost net over Wutukumpu spring, trapping, measuring and identifying up to seven species of bat.

2013-10-07 15.10.08

They also set up and monitored traplines, catching small animals like this lizard.

IMG_3558     2013-10-08 08.18.38

The Walkatjurra Junior Rangers caught a Painted Snipe at Mt Forrest which is listed as threatened under the EPBC Act and Rare & Likely to Become Extinct under the WA Wildlife Conservation Act. The species declined significantly everywhere early last century and has only been recorded 5 times in Western Australia since 1909.

Painted Snipe


All up it was a successful fieldtrip to document and record animals in an cultural and natural environment subject to intense pressures from mining and exploration companies.


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