Walkatjurra Artists Learn New Skills

The Walkatjurra Cultural Centre operating out of Leonora in the North Eastern Goldfields is building on its relationship with Max Employment – Goldfields Employment Training Service Pty Ltd (Gets) under the federal governments work for the dole CDP program to help aspiring Aboriginal artists develop and refine their skills.

Over the next two weeks of February, Aboriginal artists in Leonora, Laverton, Mulga Queen and Mt Margaret will get the opportunity to work with nationally accredited arts centre management and artists support trainer Charles Street. Charles’s extensive training experience includes both accredited and non-accredited arts skill set delivery for emerging and professional artists, to small business training for artists and arts workers. Charles established professional arts service body Black Square Arts to support to a number of Indigenous Arts Centre’s in Cape York and the Torres Strait. Walkatjurra Cultural Centre invited Charles to come and work with their artists to support the development of the Aboriginal arts sector in the Northern Goldfields.

Walkatjurra Cultural Centre Director Deeva Muir says “We are happy to have Charles work with our artists and our Centre. He has already supported us, in the Art Centre, by taking our services and arts production materials and technicques to the next level of professionalism and in just one day our artists are learning art theory, layout, design and colour to take their works to a higher level.”

Charles will be running workshops in Leonora and Laverton between 13th February to 24th February 2017

Charles Teaching Balance
Artists understanding balance and use of colour
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