Walkatjurra Artists

Since 2004, the Walkatjurra Cultural Centre (WCC) (a project of the Tjupan Ngalia Tribal Land Aboriginal Corporation) has supported artists from Leonora to develop and showcase their art works in regional, state and national art exhibitions (6 regional, 2 state and 2 national). WCC successfully operated a pilot retail outlet in Leonora to gauge the need for an art outlet in the town between 2004-2008. More recently, since 2012, WCC worked with MEEDAC to mentor and support the development of artists participating in employment services and programs.

The current aim of the Walkatjurra Artists intiative is to continue to develop and support Aboriginal artists, art workers and the Aboriginal art industry across the northern Goldfields. For instance, WCC organised a three-week exhibition at the Moore and Moore café and Gallery in Fremantle in mid-2013, this exhibition will be held again in 2014.

Chris Drury an internationally acclaimed Landscape Artist will work with Walkatjurra Artists in 2014 on a collaborative work titled, The Art of Keeping Uranium in the Ground 

A regional arts conference ‘Arts on the Edge’ will be held in Kalgoorlie in October 2014 and the Leonora artists are involved in this project.

In 2014, the opportunity for artists is to;
a. Explore new skills
b. Meet practising artists
c. Discover new ways of expressing culture and identity,
d. Generate a body of works for a local showing.
e. Workshops
f. Hosting artist in residency program
g. Participate in the Arts on the Edge conference.

The aim of the Walkatjurra Artists initiative is to provide a variety of economically self-sustaining ventures with which Aboriginal people can be employed. These activities include the art gallery, online arts outlet, regional arts trail and with its link to Walkatjurra Rangers program which will provide a variety of tourist and corporate cultural engagement activities on a fee-for-service basis.

It is anticipated that the Walkatjurra Artists will become a major employer for Aboriginal people in the towns of Leonora and Laverton.

Performance Measure

We will measure the success of the program by: 

The number of artist participating in the program
• Increased sales in the Region through the creation of a Gallery
• Multigenerational participation
• 2 professional development sessions with artists
• Hold at least 1 skill development workshops.
• Participate in showcase for Arts on the Edge National Regional Arts Conference in Kalgoorlie. 

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