Ngalia Family History & Arts Project

Walkatjurra Cultural Centre are primarily focussing our work on the Ngalia Family History and Arts project. We have been successful in securing funding from  DCA Aboriginal Art Grants program, the Shire of Leonora for Artists in Residence, Minara Foundation (in-kind) and Cultural Futures to kick off – Stage One – 2018

In Stage One, we “Look at what we got!”. This is the legacy work of previous generations which our current and future generation can draw inspiration from and understand what our elders and ancestors have passed on to us today. The Ngalia Family History and Arts project has a unique collection of work to draw inspiration from, these include:

  • DW Artworks about country
  • DW & Peter Muir writing about people, places and events, we are publishing their book “Dooley, Me & the APB
  • Kado Muir collection of language work, songs, heritage sites and artworks

In our Aboriginal Art project we will be Visiting country,  and seek to understand what past generations were saying and reflect on how to bring that knowledge into experiences and understanding of younger generation in modern context. In so doing our artists will,

  • Explore new mediums in art
  • Generate cross platform artworks and interpretation
  • Document process in film, writing and art

These projects will culminate in showcases throughout the year. The first will be our youth artist Ammbigai Muir showing her works as a new and emerging artist at Revealed 2018. We will also showcase and sell new medium works at the Revealed market. Our work with Cultural Futures, New generation Leadership will showcase perspectives on water in the form of collaborative exhibitions and work with our fellow Aboriginal art Centres.

Follow our Blog and news feed to stay tuned on these outcomes.

See full discussion of our project plan at


GoldfieldsGirls2017: Leonora Heat Success!

Friday night in Leonora and the street outside the Leonora Recreation Centre was a buzz of excitement, friends, family and passersby were queuing to get in for the inaugural GoldfieldsGirl2017, Leonora heat. Walkatjurra Cultural Centre were proud to host Goolari Media in the very first heat of the GoldfieldsGirl in Leonora. Everyone on the community came out to show support for the Girls and the Goolarri team were strongly supported by community members who helped in judging, makeup, MC’ing and all of those tasks that show how a community cares.

The event that took these young ladies from being sisters, cousins, daughters, granddaughters to role models, the eyes of young girls in the audience light up with a spark “I could be like them!

In what was probably one of the hardest decisions ever, the judges chose three young women to represent Leonora in the GoldfieldsGirl2017 Finals event in Kalgoorlie on 2nd June 2017.

A special mention to the Walkatjurra Artists who’se Walkatjurra Scarves were beautifully worn with pride by GoldfieldsGirls.

Are you the first Goldfields Girl?

Walkatjurra Cultural Centre is proud to announce that we have formed a partnership with Goolarrie Media to run the first Goldfields Girls event in Leonora. Goolarrie Media have successfully run Kimberley Girl for 14 years and Pilbara Girl for 7 years. This year is the first time we will host Goldfields Girls.

We are calling for any girls in Leonora, Laverton, Menzies, Mt Margaret and Mulga Queen to register for Goldfields Girls – Leonora heats in May 2017.

To register please call: 08 9195 5333 or leave a message at 08 9467 6046.

Call for Entry.png

Leonora Job Seekers Optimistic

We have 15 young people participating in this training and each are very keen to find a job. One participant drives from Menzies every day (220km return trip) to participate in the training. I would like to talk with local mining companies and contractors in the Leonora, Laverton, Wiluna and Menzies Shires on how they might support these trainees to find a job.

Contact me on 0477184957 or via this website


Walkatjurra Artists Learn New Skills

The Walkatjurra Cultural Centre operating out of Leonora in the North Eastern Goldfields is building on its relationship with Max Employment – Goldfields Employment Training Service Pty Ltd (Gets) under the federal governments work for the dole CDP program to help aspiring Aboriginal artists develop and refine their skills.

Over the next two weeks of February, Aboriginal artists in Leonora, Laverton, Mulga Queen and Mt Margaret will get the opportunity to work with nationally accredited arts centre management and artists support trainer Charles Street. Charles’s extensive training experience includes both accredited and non-accredited arts skill set delivery for emerging and professional artists, to small business training for artists and arts workers. Charles established professional arts service body Black Square Arts to support to a number of Indigenous Arts Centre’s in Cape York and the Torres Strait. Walkatjurra Cultural Centre invited Charles to come and work with their artists to support the development of the Aboriginal arts sector in the Northern Goldfields.

Walkatjurra Cultural Centre Director Deeva Muir says “We are happy to have Charles work with our artists and our Centre. He has already supported us, in the Art Centre, by taking our services and arts production materials and technicques to the next level of professionalism and in just one day our artists are learning art theory, layout, design and colour to take their works to a higher level.”

Charles will be running workshops in Leonora and Laverton between 13th February to 24th February 2017

Charles Teaching Balance
Artists understanding balance and use of colour
Any Questions?



We Host International Artist: Linda Persson

Walkatjurra Cultural Centre are pleased to announce that in partnership with International Art Space, we are hosting Swedish artist Linda Persson. Linda has been in Leonora now for three weeks and is talking, visiting, meeting and learning everything she needs to know about Leonora and our surrounds.

International Art Space is a leading West Australian arts organisation, presenting a program of ambitious and dynamic socially engaged and context-responsive art.
IAS create diverse and challenging experiences for artists and communities through contemporary visual art. Find out more about them at

Linda Persson is a Swedish artist and filmmaker who lives and works between Sweden and the United Kingdom. Her work focuses and questions that which is historically repressed, about to disappear, or already extinct; such as certain languages or technologies. She explores the complexities of our surroundings through a number of different materials and methods; for example sculpture, textile, 16mm film, HD technology and sound. Through fragments of information, true or false, past or present, she allows the audience to participate in her selections, to create their own meanings. Find out more about Linda at

Linda has already done some work at the Leonora Youth Centre, work with the Leonora District High School and talking and sharing with many community based artists and community members. We will be holding a public event with Linda on 31st October for the community to hear how Linda has found her experiences in Leonora. Linda will then return to Sweden, before coming back to Leonora in March 2017. We will then work with Linda in creating a series of artworks for show here in Leonora, in Perth and possibly even in Sweden.

The Walkatjurra Artist Exhibition: Goldfields Art Gallery – 30 Sept to 9 Oct 2014

The Walkatjurra Artist Exhibition Oct 2014
The Walkatjurra Artist Exhibition Oct 2014

The Walkatjurra Artists are proud to announce that we will be having an exhibition of our artworks at the Goldfields Art Centre Gallery from 30 Sept to 9 Oct 2014. This exhibition features artworks by our established and emerging artists. The exhibition and production of artworks has been made possible with funding and support from;

  • Goldfields Employment & Training Services (GETS)
  • Shire Of Leonora
  • Minara Foundation
  • Leonora District High School, and
  • Marnta Media Pty Ltd

These works will be for sale at the exhibition.


If you are interested in purchasing any artworks from the exhibition, please contact the Goldfields Art Center 08 9088 6900.