ABC Goldfields – Looking at what our Ngadju Neighbours are doing

Ngadju kala is the ancient traditional practice of using fire to manage and protect land. Conservationists want to adapt kala to use as a modern tool.

Fire has been used as a tool for thousands of years in the Ngadju Native Title area in the southern Goldfields.

See what Ngadju Conservation coordinator Les Schultz has to say:

Adapting the traditional Ngadju use of fire to protect Great Western Woodlands – ABC Goldfields WA – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Ngadju Conservation Coordinator Les Schultz near a traditional burn. (Supplied - Ngadju Conservation) via ABC Goldfields


Walkatjurra Junior Rangers help CCWA

Walkatjurra Junior Rangers capped off a big year for the Walkatjurra rangers with a field trip helping Dr Nic Dunlop of Conservation Council of WA and the Citizen Science initiative undertake a study at Mt Forrest Nature reserve.


The junior rangers worked alongside Dr Dunlop to run a ghost net over Wutukumpu spring, trapping, measuring and identifying up to seven species of bat.

2013-10-07 15.10.08

They also set up and monitored traplines, catching small animals like this lizard.

IMG_3558     2013-10-08 08.18.38

The Walkatjurra Junior Rangers caught a Painted Snipe at Mt Forrest which is listed as threatened under the EPBC Act and Rare & Likely to Become Extinct under the WA Wildlife Conservation Act. The species declined significantly everywhere early last century and has only been recorded 5 times in Western Australia since 1909.

Painted Snipe


All up it was a successful fieldtrip to document and record animals in an cultural and natural environment subject to intense pressures from mining and exploration companies.


CORS art links Technology with Tradition: Mt Leonora Aboriginal Site restoration

Video prepared of the relocation of the CORS repeater station from top of Mt Leonora to a location that does not impact Aboriginal heritage. In this video, Walkatjurra Rangers worked with junior Walkatjurra Artists to paint the CORS station as a final part of the relocation and restoration of heritage values on Mt Leonora.

Papinmaru the DVD that launched the Walkatjurra Junior Rangers

Back in 2007 several youth from the Walkatjurra Cultural Centre made a video about goanna (papinmaru) hunting in the goldfields. They entered a short three minute version into the international Lonely Planet “less than three” short film competition. They beat hundreds of entries to take runner up.

A longer 15m version of ‘Papinmaru’ is available for purchase as DVD. Contact the WCC for detail.

Fat-tailed Dunnart – Spotted!

Here the Walkatjurra Rangers captured some valuable footage of the Fat-tailed Dunnart (Sminthopsis crassicaudata), a native marsupial not often seen by many due to is nocturnal habits.

The motion sensor camera’s have a red LED light that activates when they are triggered to record. You can see the little guy staring straight at it, having never seen anything like it before!

Nice capture team!