Ngalia Arts & History Project

Walkatjurra are primarily focussing our work on the Ngalia Family History and Arts project. We have been successful in securing funding from  DCA Aboriginal Art Grants, the Shire of Leonora, Minara Foundation (in-kind) and Cultural Futures to kick off – Stage One – 2018

In Stage One, we “Look at what we got!”. This is the legacy work of previous generations which our current and future generation can draw inspiration from and understand what our elders and ancestors have passed on to us today. The Ngalia Family History and Arts project has a unique collection of work to draw inspiration from, these include:

  • Dolly Walker Artworks about country
  • Dolly Walker & Peter Muir writing about people, places and events, we are publishing their book “Dooley, Me & the APB
  • Kado Muir collection of language work, songs, heritage sites and artworks

In our Aboriginal Art project we will be Visiting country,  and seek to understand what past generations were saying and reflect on how to bring that knowledge into experiences and understanding of younger generation in modern context. In so doing our artists will,

  • Explore new mediums in art
  • Generate cross platform artworks and interpretation
  • Document process in film, writing and art

These projects will culminate in showcases throughout the year. The first will be our youth artist Ammbigai Muir showing her works as a new and emerging artist at Revealed 2018. We will also showcase and sell new medium works at the Revealed market. Our work with Cultural Futures, New generation Leadership will showcase perspectives on water in the form of collaborative exhibitions and work with our fellow Aboriginal art Centres.

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We are starting to look for funding, resources and partnerships to continue these project into next year.

Stage Two – 2019

Explore what we can do with it!

Start to create artworks and produce materials applying knowledge to new learnings and mediums:

  • Artworks: Visual, ceramics, cross art, printmaking, multimedia
  • Filmmaking: capturing material for archival purposes, make short films, start working on documentary
  • Books: photobooks, new literature, childrens books
  • Exhibitions: two exhibitions showcasing work to date


Stage Three – 2020

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Installation with WA Museum

Travelling Exhibit in other Cultural Institutions

Launch Films

Launch Books